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Libby's Leadership Lab

Sep 15, 2021

Perry Marshall joins Libby in the leadership lab for the second time to discuss his new book, Memos from the Head Office: Channeling the Muse in Business and in Life. Perry shares an experience he had where someone shared with him a message from God that ultimately led to new business ventures and the writing of this book. The overarching theme that he wants everyone to know is that each and every one of us are all capable of creating a better life for ourselves whether that be through resolving conflicts, experiencing breakthroughs, and more, regardless of your background (social, religious, etc.).


Libby and Perry discuss:

  • Why it’s important to stay open to opportunities
  • Why many people with a strong prophetic ear come from troubled homes/backgrounds
  • Paying attention to and tuning into our intuition 
  • Being compatible with your own convictions
  • The single best habit one can cultivate
  • Creating before consuming
  • And much more


You don’t need to hustle harder, raise your IQ, or earn an MBA to solve your most pressing problems. The lines of communication are open if you’re willing to listen. Memos from the Head Office shows you how to resolve impossible conflicts, access new breakthroughs, navigate jagged situations, and reveal hidden insights.


Memos from the Head Office: Channeling the Muse in Business and in Life by Perry Marshall  and John Fancher 


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