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Libby's Leadership Lab

Jun 2, 2021

Libby is joined by speaker and author, Carey Portell. After surviving being hit by an impaired driver, Carey has learned to thrive despite the pain and disabilities the accident has caused her.  Her ability to recognize that every day her choice in attitude will determine whether she succeeds or fails, has taught her to wake each day and ask the question,” What choice will you make?” 


Libby and Carey discuss:

  • How she transitioned her work after the accident
  • How she stays focused and moving forward daily
  • Finding purpose and accomplishment 
  • Her entrepreneurial spirit (and all the exciting endeavors she’s involved in)
  • Why she chooses to only look forward 
  • How she continues to break through her limitations


Carey is a professional speaker by circumstance and has inspired thousands to change their perspectives by sharing her triumphs and challenges of her four year recovery. She has become an expert of breaking through limitations and guides her audience on a journey of self growth. 

Connect with Carey:

Facing Life Head On: Healing with Courage, Gratitude, and Attitude by Carey Portell