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Libby's Leadership Lab

Mar 10, 2021

Libby is joined by Amy Evans to discuss all things around creating meaningful connections. Amy  is an entrepreneur who is passionate about helping women step into their power and their agency in business and relationships. She is the founder of AlignWomen, a leadership and networking organization for professional women, and the host of The AlignWomen Podcast. She is also the President of Colibri Insurance Services, a boutique insurance agency that simplifies employee benefits for employers in Southern California. She also uses her expertise in the health insurance industry and the health insurance broker market to consult on a variety of projects.


Libby and Amy discuss:

  • Cultivating the skill of listening (and other valuable skills to have)
  • How to be a super connector 
  • Her story in creating AlignWomen and her journey through entrepreneurship
  • Amy’s ‘Core 50’ and ‘Interesting People’ lists, how she uses them and why you should consider creating your own
  • The big thing that connects being a leader and being a connector 
  • How Amy has built her influence
  • Blurring the lines of professional and personal and when it can be okay to do so


Amy is an active member of the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU) and a regular speaker at insurance industry events. She is an enthusiastic social media user and you can find her engaging regularly on a variety of topics including legislative issues, agency management, entrepreneurship, social media strategies, women’s empowerment, communication and relationships.


Connect with Amy: