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Libby's Leadership Lab

Dec 23, 2020

Systems specialist for Chiquita Jones joins the lab to discuss how to make the “holidaze” peaceful and enjoyable, instead of a crazed rush to get everything at work and home done to perfection. Chiquita shares what she’s learned working in human resources, training and development, sales operations, and as an entrepreneur over the years. An expert on building sustainable systems, she starts with advice on how to put the right people in the right seats.


Chiquita and Libby talk all about alleviating holiday stress, including:

  • How we can feel comforted throughout the holidays, even if we’re unable to be with family
  • Why women, especially, need to be mindful of delegating both at work and home 
  • Ways to bring joy back to the holidays, despite a very tough year
  • Dropping stress and overwhelm during a season of celebration
  • Favorite holiday movies and books to read (See Libby’s Fiction List below)
  • The importance of adding “reflection” to your evening routine


Chiquita loves the travels of life, with music (her passion) as her soundtrack. Sometimes those travels take her abroad (another passion), sometimes they are the journey of personal growth and service. All of which bring her joy.

Connect with Chiquita:


Libby’s Book List:

All Adults Here - Emma Straub

American Dirt - Jeanine Cummins

Dear Edward - Ann Napolitan

Hamnet - Maggie O’Farrell (my fav of the year!)

La Rose - Louise Erdrich

Monogamy - Sue Miller

Night Tiger - Yangzee Choo

Nothing to See Here - Kevin Wilson

Such a Fun Age - Kiley Reid

The Assistants - Camille Perri

The Glass Hotel - Emily St. John Mandel

The Henna Artist - Alka Joshi

The Pull of the Stars - Emma Donoghue

The Vanishing Half - Brit Bennett

The World We Knew - Alice Hoffman