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Libby's Leadership Lab

Jan 20, 2021

Libby speaks with “Selling in a Skirt” expert Judy Hoberman, who is president of Judy Hoberman and Associates, a company focused on empowering professional women.  Among her many skills, Judy  is an international speaker, trainer, executive coach, author, radio show host and mentor. Her 30 years in business have given her both knowledge and a sense of humor about how men and women lead, sell, manage and recruit differently. Her experience in sales and leadership has helped her clients realize the importance of building relationships, standing out and being the authority in their market.

They discuss: 

  • How Judy came up with Selling in a Skirt
  • What S.K.I.R.T. is an acronym for (hint: it’s not about the article of clothing)
  • The type of people Judy enjoys working with
  • The importance of ‘knowing your people’
  • Best and worst advice she received throughout her sales career
  • Why having a structure to your day is key to establishing boundaries
  • Her best advice for building relationships and closing sales
  • How understanding your personality traits can benefit your business

Judy’s experience includes over two decades in life and health insurance beginning as an agent with no experience and progressing to leading three agencies across three states with over 100 agents.  She still holds her license and co-facilitates Medicare educational seminars.  She also works with companies supporting their diversity and women’s initiatives in the areas of leadership, recruiting, training, coaching, mentoring and retention.

She engages her audiences, from 10 to 10,000, with memorable stories and ideas that are easily implemented that same day. In 2016 she was a TEDx speaker talking about pre-judging people.  She is the author of four books, including “Selling in a Skirt” and “Walking on the Glass Floor.” She offers a training program that concentrates on women in leadership and the men who champion them, with an emphasis on redefining culture. 

Judy’s mission is to help women - and men - understand the philosophy: "Women want to be treated equally...not identically."™ 

Connect with Judy: