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Libby's Leadership Lab

Dec 30, 2020

Libby is joined by Divya Parekh. Divya has over 20 years of rich and varied experience, including roles as a business positioning coach, influence advisor, speaker, and author. Her professional career includes positions as a university associate professor, scientist, biotechnology professional, and as a global business relationship and leadership coach. She merges her biopharmaceutical career with her extensive experience as a coach, author, consultant, and speaker. Her passion for coaching and the sincere desire to make a positive impact on people has led her to develop effective evidence-based leadership and partnership programs:

Divya shares:

  • What a great leadership truly is
  • Relevant takeaways regarding influence from working with clients 
  • Her book, Expert to Influencer
  • Differences in communication and leadership styles
  • Why leaders live by example
  • How body language plays a role in influencing
  • Understanding how you’re showing up in different situations
  • Actionable steps to becoming the person you want to be and a leader/ influencer

Connect with Divya:

Expert To Influencer: How To Position Yourself For Meaningful Impact by Divya Parekh