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Libby's Leadership Lab

Apr 14, 2021

Libby speaks with April Shprintz, the Founder of Driven Outcomes and creator of The Generosity Culture®. After spending 20 great years in a variety of industries solving problems, driving growth, and accelerating companies, April realized helping people is who she is, not just what she does.  April left corporate America after her highest earning 7-figure year to form her own company and expand her impact. 


Libby and April discuss: 

  • Fear of becoming obsolete
  • How vulnerability leads to innovation and growth within the workplace
  • Her experience on the front lines as a journalist for the Air Force
  • The biggest impact that the military had on her and how it changed the trajectory of her career
  • Why being liked isn’t as important as being effective
  • When obliviousness can be a gift
  • Her upcoming book, Magic Blue Rocks


When April is not teaching companies how to “pour into” their people, their clients, and their community, she invests her time with various nonprofits helping children, veterans, and those experiencing homelessness. April lives in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, with her shih tzu, Cowboy, who serves as the Chief Dog Officer of Driven Outcomes and makes cameos in her video productions.


Order Magic Blue Rocks: The Secret to Doing Anything by April Shprintz


Connect with April:

Clubhouse: @aprilshprintz