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Libby's Leadership Lab

Sep 8, 2021

This week, Libby is joined by executive coach Angie Morgan. Angie and her business partner Courtney are executive coaches who work with high-performing leaders to help them achieve next-level results. After their service in the Marine Corps, Angie and Courtney co-created the leadership development firm Lead Star and co-wrote the New York Times best-selling books SPARK and Leading from the Front. 


Libby and Angie discuss:

  • Where Angie learned to lead and the experiences that shaped her as a leader
  • Being influential and inspirational 
  • Why leaders aren’t born and anyone can develop leadership skills
  • The importance of having self-awareness when it comes to leadership
  • Common misconceptions surrounding leadership
  • The concept of risk taking as a pathway to reward
  • Choosing your hard and giving gratitude


Angie and her business partner have helped high achievers around the world unlock their true potential through one-on-one coaching, keynote addresses, and corporate leadership programs. Their third book, Bet on You: How Leaders Win with Risk, will be out in spring 2022. 

Connect with Angie: