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Libby's Leadership Lab

Dec 16, 2020

Meridith Elliott Powell joins the leadership lab to talk thriving in uncertainty. Meridith Elliott  Powell is an award-winning author, keynote speaker and business strategist. With a background  in corporate sales and leadership, her career expands over several industries including banking,  healthcare and finance. She is Certified Speaking Professional, a designation held by less than  twelve percent of professional speakers, and a member of the prestigious Forbes Coaching  Council. Meredith shares her favorite stories of thriving in uncertainty and how you can take the steps to thrive yourself.

We discuss:

  • The interesting story of Procter & Gamble from branding to staying relevant and listening to your customers
  • How Jim Beam survived prohibition and staying firm and confident in his vision
  • Holding relentless vision, conditioning for change, and decision making in an uncertain marketplace
  • Knowing & Understanding Core Values
  • Turning uncertainty into opportunity
  • Steps you can take today to start thriving in business

High energy and highly interactive, Meridith’s keynote helps leaders and business owners  learn the new rules of success today. Meridith shows her audiences how to  attract more business, retain top talent, and leap into position to win in this new economy. No  walking on coals, no breaking boards, just real-life strategies you can put into place first thing  Monday morning. 


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