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Libby's Leadership Lab

Oct 6, 2021

Libby sits down with Dr. Alison Horstmeyer, a leading-edge talent development consultant, executive coach, and humanistic researcher. Alison is considered one of the pioneering practitioners in workplace curiosity and her research focuses on the associated mental, emotional, and motivational attributes. Through Intrinsic Curiosity, Alison partners and works with executives across a diverse set of industry sectors with an emphasis in Technology, Media, and Healthcare; and, has a knack for connecting and working with cross-generational teams and leaders through her unique blend of real-world business acumen and evidence-based practitioner expertise. 


Liby and Dr. Alison discuss:

  • What it means to be intrinsically curiosity 
  • How to build your stress tolerance
  • The three C’s: Curiosity, communication, collaboration
  • The need for establishing new ways of interacting and connecting with each other in a rapidly changing world
  • The need to find tools that work for you and making space for reflection
  • Challenging aspects of getting a team to gel
  • And more


Alison regularly works with clients focused on multi-faceted leadership, healthy team dynamics, and continuous innovation. Alison has worked with many organizations including Hulu, Verizon Media, Marvell Technology, TransDigm Group, Vanguard, Stanford Health Care, among others. She believes we each are innately curious, we just tend to stifle it away.


Connect with Alison: