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Libby's Leadership Lab

May 5, 2021

Libby speaks with Greg Brenner, also known as The HR Dad. Greg loves all things “people in the workplace,” which is why after years of working in operations and being a business owner, he wanted to become a Human Resources Executive. He also loves his biggest and most fulfilling role, Dad. Through humor and wisdom, Greg helps others gain a completely new insight into the career adventure of their lives by helping them see how their work and their personal lives intersect to bring out their greatness in both realms.


Libby and Greg discuss:

  • Soft skills versus hard skills
  • Female leadership and where it starts
  • Taking lessons from leadership and bringing them into the home and vice versa
  • Managing expectations in order to be set up for success
  • Behaviors that define leadership
  • What Greg suspects will change with leadership in the coming years


Greg is the podcast host of EVERYDAY PEOPLE, a keynote speaker, a Marshall Goldsmith Certified Stakeholder Centered Coach as well as a master’s trained executive coach, plus the author of the Smack Dab in the Middle of Life series.

Connect with Greg: